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Evernote versus Google Keep

Google Keep is here to make things difficult for Evernote.

Evernote makes easy to remember things across computers, tablets and phones.

“After the leaked images of Google Keep, it seems the search engine giant has been trying to build an Evernote clone,” says an Evernote user from Web Listings Inc.

He adds, “Evernote is way ahead than Google Keep. Whether organizing or tagging, Evernote remains the first choice than Google Keep”.

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"Ivy"- A Direct Call!

The time is 7:00 Am! "Ivy", called out mum from the kitchen. Fast asleep, Ivy was in the midst of a sweet dream in which she saw her climbing over a tree to pluck a beautiful flower. The call from kitchen came as she reached it. She was still in her dream as she fell from the tree with a loud scream "aaaaaaaa"… Hearing the scream, her mum came running and saw Ivy on floor. What happened?!! Mum asked in surprise. "Why did u call me when I reached that flower on the tree"? Ivy asked angrily. This time mum was not surprised as it is usual in the morning.

Ivy works with a direct marketing company called Oracle Advertising. So she always thinks of achieving her targets. That is how she ended up in the dream of plucking flower from top of the tree.

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Miles to Travel Before One Sleeps

"Travel", is one of the most common word used by most people in this world. So one must be knowing how important it is and how the term "travel" can influence a person's life.

The term "travel" originates from the Old French word travail'. The term also covers all the activities performed during a travel.

One can choose to travel for a number of reasons. There are people who travel for no reason. The most surprising aspect is even if one travels for no reasons this also comes under travel. Whatever maybe, the most appealing reason for a travel is "recreational". Everyone chooses it for enjoyment and fun, which is most crucial for a healthy lifestyle.

It is to protect this aspect that many travel and tour companies like Karma Kerala and many others popped up on the scene. These travel companies are ever ready to cater to a needy traveller to any desired location with all the necessities thrown in. A traveller never will have to worry about his/her travel needs with all these tour companies around.


Toyota to Reassert Sports Car Heritage!

With a multimillion pound advertising campaign, Toyota hopes that it can reassert its sports car heritage for the new GT86 model.

The marketing expert and sports enthusiasts like Chris Niarchos feels that the CGI animated ad “marks the beginning of a new era” for the Japanese car maker.

The Real Deal campaign, created by Saatchi & Saatchi London, features a CGI character bored with his artificial world discovering the Toyota GT86 and using it to escape into the real world. The ad will  show in cinemas ahead of the upcoming James Bond film ‘Skyfall’ and run in press ads until March next year. The car also has plans to roll out its global positioning ‘Always a better way’ to the UK in the coming months. The aim is to bring UK marketing in line with the strategy revealed a year ago.


Tesco to Support Charity Cause with Feminine Care

Tesco (supermarket Group) has taken up a new initiative to donate 15p from every sale of its Halo branded feminine hygiene products to a women's health charity and claims the product range is a “feminine care range with a difference - the femcare range with a heart”.

The range of tampons, sanitary towels, and liners and the charity initiative, which are both non-Tesco branded, launched this month with the strapline: “Halo - Protects women every month, womankind every day. Halo will also launch a “playful” marketing campaign dubbed “Show us your knickers!” to raise awareness of the product range and charity initiative. And, it is found that women in the UK spend more than £20m on feminine care products each month. I got to know from a friend of mine who's with Appco Group Services, that 'Halo' is the latest in Tesco’s expanding portfolio of “venture brands”.   

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Prince William and Kate to Receive a Barbie Wedding Tribute!

It is going to be a year for both Prince William and Kate Middleton dolls after their wedding and Mattel is creating a limited edition of Royal Wedding Barbie gift set as a tribute to them.

"The launch of the $100 (£63.5) gift set will coincide with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s one-year wedding anniversary in April", a friend who works for Appco Group Canada , told me.

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Heineken to feature James Bond in ‘Open Your World’ campaign

Heineken is to feature Daniel Craig as James Bond in the next phase of its ‘Open Your World’ campaign, following an extension of its long-standing sponsorship with the movie franchise that will see the launch of what the brand calls its “biggest activation of 007 ever.

The campaign, which will be shown in more than 170 countries worldwide in which Malaysia is one (where Appco Group Malaysia functions) will launch in September to support the release of Skyfall, the sixth consecutive movie that Heineken has sponsored.

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Companies who provide a proactive customer service always score

Direct marketing is always about keeping customers happy. Keeping customers satisfied with good customer service always benefits a company in the long run. And that of course occupies the first place among the direct marketing tips that I am talking about here. Successful companies provide a proactive customer service and this proactive service leads to an increased business and loyalty. The next tip in line is to please customers by anticipating their preferences and liking. 

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Hike in Postal Charges to Move DMs to Look for Alternatives

Many of the direct marketers are seen busily looking for other alternatives to reach out to customers as the most preferred medium direct mailing is facing price hikes from various postal outlets.

It has seen that some of the direct marketers to accelerate the use of alternatives such as email, internet and telephone which will lead to a “long-term decline in volumes of mail being dispatched. This move was triggered in response to postal services regulator Ofcom’s consultation on the regulation of Royal Mail. Direct marketing companies like Redwoods Advance have long been thinking of making the effective use of these alternatives to have the maximum reach that are cost effective as well.

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5 great ways to increase your sales

With companies and marketing executives hunting for customers, the questions that hovers on the top of every mind in the field is - How to increase my sales? How to attract more customers? How to evolve as the leader in my segment? Here are a few ways on how you can achieve this...

The first thing that you will have to do is to surprise the prospects. Customers like surprises and are always pleased when they get more than what they expect. You can follow the likes of successful companies like Appco Group who target the right person and later surprise them with their innovative marketing campaigns. Getting attention amidst the clutter is what matters and those who do it right emerge the most successful. Being innovative and creative is the next must-do. Think different and be different. Stand out among the crowd by virtue of just what you are. Focusing on what your customers care about is the third and making your offers outstanding, the fourth. Knowing what exactly the customer  needs, wants and expects is what works. Offers are essential because customers don't want to make mistake. 

Last Updated (Tuesday, 17 January 2012 05:02)

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World of Social Search: Brands need to be Functional

If years ago, we would turn to our family or friends circles for recommendations, advice, opinions or for other answers, it was then cut away for some period once "" appeared to the scene. But today again we go back to the same circles with the help of this "www" thing. Social media is now the best source of recommendations for nearly everything.

Social media and search are converging because search engines are incorporating social signals. Google, Bing and Yahoo have incorporated Facebook likes and Twitter's tweets into their organic search results. Now, searchers see results in different formats based on activity within their social networks. That's the reason why most of the brands and businesses like Web Technologies Inc focus on these social searches.

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iPad Saves a Canadian Enter US without Passport

Steve Jobs soul might be rejoicing from eternity that his 'app-iPad' could save a man enter another border without passport. It was all a matter of luck for the man who is a Canadian, who realised he forgot his passport as he approached the US border found a new way to gain entry - his iPad.

As I went through this news story, it interested me and I couldn't resist myself sharing it with my friend who's so keen on having a collection of funny and interesting news pieces. Besides he also works with Sirius Star Marketing.

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Facebook Game By Popcorn Brand to 'Act as Reminder'

Interactive marketing benefit is they can deal with their consumers live and more direct. Only thing is that it should be creative to grab the interest of consumers. Popcorn brand Orville Redenbacher's has come up with a Facebook game that features augmented reality.

The brand worked with its digital agency of record, Possible Worldwide, on the game. The “Pop Cam” game drops virtual popcorn kernels that consumers can catch in their mouths via their computer's webcam. Consumers earn points for each kernel they catch, and the game ends when consumers miss a certain amount of kernels. Consumers without a webcam are unable to play the game. My friend, who is working with Redwoods Advance, just told me to try this new game as it would interest me just as he did.

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Pay-per-click in Marketing

Pay-per-click advertising services are widely used by most marketers who wants you to click on before proceeding further. The aim of pay-per-click service is to put your company's message in front of your prospects right when they're most likely to buy.

When prospects enter a keyword that relates to a product or service into any of the popular search engines (e.g., Google, Yahoo, MSN), you know they're interested in your products or services; that's when you want to place your message in front of them. And, Internet Marketing services like Web Technologies Inc. can help you to get your business done.

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An App to Help you Dress Better

A fashion app can help you while dressed in gray kitty-cat pajamas, an oversized shirt of questionable origin, and fuzzy red socks. The app is to help those who seriously struggle when it comes to selecting outfits.

When I talked about this app, my friend who is working with Web Listings Inc. was very excited. "I am gonna shine among my colleagues (who are girls) with this app", he said.

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The town called Ivy Bridge

The small town of Ivy Bridge is known for many things. ivy_bridgeSited at about 9 miles east of Plymouth, the town enjoys a beautiful natural setting. It is also situated in close proximity to Dartmoor, a National Park of Wales and England. The town of Ivy Bridge has centuries of history as a mill town and the mills here which were built using the River Erme's power date back to the 16th century. Another interesting fact is that Ivy Bridge is often referred to as a dormitory town though most of the people work in the town itself.  

I met a friend of mine who works at Blackcode Advertising last week and he happened to be from this small town. I had read about Ivy Bridge before but I was always curious about how the town got this peculiar name.

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Direct Marketing Acting as One to One Communication

When businesses go controversial at communicating the right message or when they fail to impress some peer groups, direct marketing can be a great help. This is when direct marketing does the heavy job of taking up the responsibility to get the things right with every one and not let the wrong message reach to the ones which are ignorent about the issues happened.

When you get into the business remeber one thing, that your customers can spoil your business, if they get a wrong notion of your acts. It has happend to Avios, when they did an ad for the loyalty point scheme. What the ads are not pointing out is that this is a rebrand of AirMiles, the scheme owned by The Mileage Company. So, in such situations, the direct marketing companies like Enigma Marketing make use of their direct marketing tactics to get the things right.

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Working in open plan offices might be bad for your brains

A new study has claimed that people working in posh, well kept and open office plan offices reported a drop in their productivity by over 15 percent.  Researchers found that open plan offices create distractions and unwanted activity in the brains of workers, which could hamper their productivity. Interestingly they also claimed that contrary to the common belief, a clean and sterile  can actually leave the employees with a smaller brain!  Such work spaces can  also lead to a 32 per cent drop in workers well being.

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Stride Marketing Reviews on its programs

Stride Marketing Ltd has in place two programs that are designed by the company – the Business Development Program and the Sales Program. Recently, Stride Marketing Ltd reviewed both these programs to analyse the positives as well as the negatives. (This is something that companies like Stride Marketing, Appco Group etc always do, to keep things going smooth). Here are a few opinions from candidates about the program “After spending 3 years doing a degree in the Midlands, I moved back to the North East to find an opportunity in business. I spent a few years gaining experience in numerous roles, but they all lacked a challenge and there was little scope for progression. Since joining Stride Marketing, I have progressed onto Stage 4 of the Business Development Programme and attended a number of international training events including Barcelona and Dubai, as well as developing a lot of beneficial business attributes.”


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Living near a petrol station might be harmful for your health

Beware! if you live near a petrol station, you are likely to face more health problems because the fuel pollutants that can travel up to 100m, make fuel stations serious health hazards. Researchers say that the air near the petrol stations will be polluted with  airborne particles from evaporated fuel, which could have harmful effects on the health of the residents. Airborne organic compounds  such as benzene are carcinogenic and the air in the vicinity of petrol stations contain more than the average levels of these compounds.

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Woman spends $10,000 on non-existent masterpieces

The love for art can cost you dearly at times. Here is an art lover who spend a fortune in owning an invisible art piece that doesn't even exist, thereby  pushing the bounds of art appreciation to its breaking point. New media aficionado Aimee Davison spend a staggering $10,000 on a piece of non-existent artwork of artist duo Brainard and Delia Carey, along with actor James Franco from the Museum of Non-Visible Art (MONA).

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Clover Advertising- direct marketing through better research

Clover Advertising is one of the leading direct marketing companies that have a specialized marketing strategy that calls for targeted customers. The company takes a very specific approach with each of their clients when it approaches the market. In fact Clover already knows their client's preference and customers' behaviour, so that makes them enter the market easy. The best part of Clover Advertising is it does not follow the traditional methods where they target the entire audience, but keeps a measured and calculated approach.

Clover has a list of some of the best companies as clients for the marketing needs. So every project designed to direct marketing is done thoroughly. The idea to bring in innovative marketing strategy is based on the approach "How to go ahead of your competitor and place the product or service directly to the customer without having to invest time and money on other media. The company knows that innovative marketing brings in better results and efficiently create more opportunities.

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Stride Marketing Reviews throw light on the umpteen direct marketing opportunities that are yet to be harnessed

Stride Marketing Ltd has been one among the most well-known direct marketing companies ever since its inception in the year 2000. Having grown from a small business to a national organisation which caters to the needs of diversified clients across various sectors, Stride Marketing Ltd has proved that there are many lessons other direct marketing companies can take home from its growth story. 

With the company acquiring a lot of fame in a short period of time, Stride Marketing Ltd is always ready to impart tips to start up companies who are on the lookout for direct marketing opportunities. With comprehensive business development programs and career orientation systems in place right from the beginning, it is no wonder that Stride Marketing Ltd was very successful in creating a niche for itself in the competitive direct marketing arena.  However, on a detailed analysis of the market, Stride Marketing Ltd reviews throws light on the fact that there are yet a lot of opportunities that still remain to be harnessed. As a direct marketing company that has evolved and grown over the years, Stride Marketing reviews maintain that companies thinking about venturing into the direct marketing field have ample opportunities even today. 

In addition to this, the company also maintains the fact that most of the direct marketing programs resorted to by companies these days don't work or yield the expected results simply because they don't relate to the target audience. The important thing to remember here is to get the target list right and execute campaigns properly. Stride Marketing Reviews also maintains that every direct marketing company should bear in mind that direct marketing must not be considered as a clever tactic which is designed to ease out change from the pockets of the unsuspecting customer. Rather the policy that Stride Marketing Ltd maintains in all of its reviews about the direct marketing industry and the opportunities there, is that one must consider direct marketing as a 'service industry' which strives to serve people with interactive sales promotion campaigns that are mutually beneficial.


Consumers Expect Cooler Versions of Verizon iPhone

It was only a week since Verizone launched its long-anticipated version of iPhone 4. No sooner a report in a consumer magazine called it "middle aged", suggesting that potential buyers might want more younger models. 

While Verizon is a "satisfying" wireless provider, the iPhone 4 remains a 3G device with a small screen, Consumer Reports said. An analyst said many iPhone fans will ignore the Consumer Reports advice, and future dual-core devices will only matter for some apps.

The new Verizon iPhone 4 has two important changes from the one launched by Apple last summer: An antenna configuration likely to avoid reception problems that plagued the AT&T handset, and the ability to tether other devices as a Wi-Fi hot spot. 

But the consumers magazine reports that the current iPhone is a 3G model in an increasingly 4G world, unable to navigate Verizon's much-touted Long Term Evolution network that is about to open to a limited number of smartphones.